We help young singers navigate their careers through guidance and by providing a large network of alumni who remain in our extended family.

Singers must be able to navigate this international and culturally diverse industry – our faculty members and guest artists offer our students an invaluable insight into their unique experiences working in this wonderfully challenging industry.

Our program is designed to offer our artists the time and attention to discover their individual career goals and objectives. We help shape a career path and discuss career trajectories – what stage do you want to perform on, what roles do you dream of – this level of planning greatly contributes to building a long and sustainable career in opera. 

Along with sharing decades of advice and knowledge with our students, IVAI has a large network of alumni who remain in our extended family. We value and keep in touch with every artist that has taken part in our program history. This offers benefits for our young artists to be connected with our more seasoned artists and the potential to reach out when an opportunity arises.


Meet our team of world-renowned artists that provide our students with insight from a lifetime of experience and invaluable industry knowledge.