Our faculty members are accomplished and legendary artists with an abundance of experience in the industry.

Joan Dornemann

IVAI Co-Founder and Artistic Director

Maestro Paul Nadler

Co-Founder & Director of IVAI

Pei-Wen Chen

Coach – Mannes School for Music

Mignon Dunn

Mezzo-Soprano, Metropolitan Opera & Voice Teacher, Manhattan School of Music

Ruth Falcon

In Memoriam – Soprano, Metropolitan Opera & Voice Teacher, Mannes College of Music

Jessica Cambio

Voice Teacher

Bea Goodwin

Stage Director

Rob Holland

IVAI Music Administration

Olga Makarina

Voice Teacher, Metropolitan Opera

Alexis Martin

Alexander Technique

Beth Roberts

Voice Teacher & Faculty, Mannes School of Music

Christian Sebek

Voice Teacher, Concordia College in Westchester, NY

Jane Steele

Vocal Coach, New Jersey State Opera

Marc Verzatt

Stage Director – Mannes School of Music

Faculty member

Role title

Eugenia Forteza

Social Media Manager

Olivia Smith Grugan