We offer a range of intensive studies working with our esteemed faculty in vocal technique, style and interpretation, languages and diction, and movement and acting.

IVAI takes great pride in our nurturing, well rounded, insightful and caring support team that work to suit the individual needs of our artists and tailor to each singer’s unique requirements. Our coaches act as both a confidant and trainer. We focus on what is special about each singer and how they can relate to the music to create a meaningful performance.

We provide a safe environment in our coaching sessions that are ideal for artists to “try on” or test the voice in a given repertoire. The coach will help each artist to find the music and operas that fit their voice and vocal gifts, and to develop the kind of musicality each style requires.

Our co-founder and Artistic Director, Joan Dornemann is available for private coaching in NYC, please contact to schedule a session.


Meet our team of world-renowned artists that provide our students with insight from a lifetime of experience and invaluable industry knowledge.